Quick Fried Rice Tips

  • Chilled, cooked rice is essential for the correct texture. If it is warm rice there will be too much moisture and the end-result will be mushy.
  • Have all ingredients cut up ahead and set out next to the cooktop.
  • Cook this in a wok; the wok must be very hot so that all will cook quickly.
  • Don’t skimp on the oil since you want the rice to fry rather than just be heated through.
  • Don’t crowd the pan. You can cook ingredients separately and then add back to the wok for the final cooking.
  • Let the each ingredient sear in the wok and do not touch it for at least 20 seconds before tossing it. This is important to develop the best color and texture.
  • For spicier flavor add some hot chili paste or hot sauce like Sriracha.

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